Spider Infestation in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Spider Control

As one of the most loathsome household pests, spiders are the source of much fear and disgust for many Philadelphia homeowners. With over 3,000 known species in North America alone, if you have a spider problem at your home or office, having a trained spider exterminator properly identify which type you're dealing with is the first step to creating a truly successful, long last spider control plan. At Greenix, we have years of experience treating for spiders in the Philadelphia area and are confident we can quickly identify the spider species and develop a safe and effective plan for elimination.

All spiders use venom while hunting their prey. While many common house spiders are harmless, bites from certain species can cause devastating effects to both humans and pets. It's important to have a professional pest control company like Greenix address your spider problem and make sure you are not exposed to potentially harmful bites. 

Common Household Spiders

  • American House Spider
  • Brown Recluse Spiders
  • Jumping Spiders
  • Black Widow Spiders
  • Daddy Longlegs Spiders
  • Long-Bodied Cellar Spiders
  • Yellow Sac Spiders
  • Hobo Spiders 
  • And More

Eliminating a spider infestation can be very difficult as spiders reproduce quickly and often nest out-of-sight. The spider control experts at Greenix will provide a thorough inspection of your home to identify where the spiders are entering your home as well as where they nest and lay eggs. Because spiders feed on other insects, one of the most common forms of spider control is to remove any other pest problems that may be inside your building. During our inspection, we'll recommend any additional pest control options to keep your home or office spider and pest free.

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